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Themes I am currently exploring:

connection to Inner Spirit, Ancestors, the Land,

the Energetic Universe & the Goddess archetype

Materials I am experimenting with:

Bronze sculpture, Ceramic sculpture, Film

Natural pigment painting, Drawing

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Healing rituals, revering nature, and remembering the divine feminine force guide my artistic and spiritual practice. I depict the feminine as creator, birth giver, wisdom speaker, and nature connector by sculpting and assembling natural materials (clay, bronze, pigments, soil, stone) and embodying the figures in films. My charge is to repopulate contemporary imagery with goddesses that embody central facets of femininity that have been forsaken as taboo: self-empowerment, shadow self, birthing, menstruating. 


Rooted in the movement meditation ‘qi gong’ that my father taught me,

I pull from those positions that harmonize my spirit to sculpt, collage, and embody. The postures and adornments of the figures, also come from inner vision and ancient depictions of the goddess. The mediums I sculpt with, clay and bronze, are earth elements that become energetically amplified as they alchemize. The sculptures are further activated by filmed ritual performances. 


I learned clay sculpture at a young age and have refined my skills at Chapman University where I earned a minor in art, and at Merritt College in taking Advance Ceramic Sculpture courses. Since 2022, I have been learning the lost-wax casting method of crafting bronze sculpture through an apprenticeship at Splady Art Studios. Raised in Oakland by a Black-American father, with Caribbean and African ancestries, and a White-French mother, I create from an understanding of a multiracial, multicultural, and spiritual humanity.

Raised and based in Oakland, California

b. 1999

Education & Training


2021                   B.A. Communication, Minors in Art & Africana studies (co-founded) Chapman University, Orange, CA

2022-2024          Splady Art Studios Apprentice: Lost-wax bronze sculpture, Oakland, CA

2023-2024          Advanced Ceramic Sculpture Course at Merritt College, Oakland, CA

2023 & 2024       California Sculpture Symposium, Cambria, CA




2024                   SF Art Fair - Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

                           NEBULA, Spirituality in Hybritity - PLAySPACE, San Francisco, CA

                           In Reverence of the Feminine - Abrams Claghorn Gallery, Albany, CA 

                           Sculpture and Assemblage - Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA


2023                   The Black Woman is God: Motherhood - Marlow Building, San Francisco, CA

                           SOHI Inaugural Gallery Group Show - Splady Art Studios, Oakland, CA

                           Solo Exhibits at private events, Berkeley, CA


Curatorial Work


2024                   In Reverence of the Feminine - Abrams Claghorn Gallery, Albany, CA

2021                   Acquisitions of Contemporary Black American Art - The Phyllis and Ross Escalette Permanent Art Collection, Orange, CA

2020                   Gallery Assistant at 1301pe, Los Angeles, CA 



2024                   California Sculpture Symposium Karen Ryer Scholarship



2021-2023          Studio One Art Center, Oakland, CA

Downloadable CV

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 9_edited.jpg
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