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Your WombBloodIs Sacred


Menstruating Goddess

                                   Ceramic, Copper  wire                               


           24”w • 28”h • 6”d       |      20 lbs      |       2024               

The blood droplets falling from the arms, chest, legs,


& vulva symbolizes the abundance of blood that flows


from our bodies during our cycle. The drop placement


is a tool to demonstrate how it feels to be bleeding --


that it is a full-bodied experience. The goddess herself


is beautiful, assured, strong. All intentional choices to


artistically contribute towards the cultural shift of


honoring menstruation versus cursing it. 

Shed your pastas you shed your bood

The blood represents a physical shedding, the  


shedding of the uterine lining. In Chinese         


medicine, it also represents a psychological      

shedding– a spiritual shedding. Your bleed       


time was the time to ask: What behaviors do I  


want to let go of? What thoughts towards          


myself no longer serve me? And once you         


dropped your last drop and are as empty as a     


new moon, you ask yourself: What are my new


values? And how can I embody them? Use this 


built in process to support your inner growth.  

   Photographed by Zea Haley  | 2024   


Cycling with theMoon and Seasons

           Wood panel, Ceramic, Copper wire, Charcoal pigment, Soil, Obsidian          

                          31”w • 72”h • 1.5”d       |       20lbs       |       2024                                  

Did you know your menstrual                   


cycle refers to not only the time                


of bleeding, but for other phases              


menstruators experience each month:    

follicular, ovulation, luteal, bleed time.   


Likewise, the moon has 4 primary           


phases and the seasons change 4 times 


too. Not only does menstruation, the       


moon and the seasons all have four         


phases, but their phases match                


together. Let us use the collage on the    


left & the drawing to the right to learn    


how our cycles correlate to nature's         




She offers her bloodto the flame and soil

   Photographed by Zea Haley  | 2024   

Gaze upon the image and find a woman honoring   


her cycle under the moon light and fire light.           

She wears red, and adorns herself with blood           

droplets that flow from her body and onto the         

earth. Offering one with an extended arm to the     



primordial vulva

                    Ceramic, Fountain equipment                  


           13”w • 16”h • 13”d       |      40lbs      |      2024             

800 million uteruses are menstruating together at any    


given moment. There is a current of violent free blood     


flowing from wombs continually.  This sculptural form    


visualizes this fact. A fantastically large and  strong          


vulvular shape that is bleeding from different folds—       

she is not just one vulva but the communal current.         

The ocean, not the singular stream.                                       

Will be a working fountain with red water pouring from


different levels. 


                    Ceramic, Fountain equipment                  


           13”w • 21”h • 14”d      |      40lbs      |      2024              

The menstruators stand upon the peak in dignity.             


As they bleed onto the mountain, they nourish the           

soil–fertilizing it with divine energy. This is a real ritual   


practice goddess~worshiping societies did in the past.      


Of bleeding onto the earth as a way to give back to her     


and connect with her virtuous power. Next time you        


bleed, try sitting on grass for a while (like some Native     


American tribes do) or try collecting your blood and          


burying it in soil. See what these experiences may reveal


in you.                                                                                         





Will be a working fountain with red water pouring from


the vulvas of the feminine beings atop.  

Your Womb Blood Is Sacred


May these artworks navigate you back into the womb of the ancient mother. Your Womb Blood is Sacred brings to  

life again a time when our bleed cycle was synonymous with reverence.                                                                               


Contemporary societies worldwide neglect menstruation as a pillar of the human experience. In the past, bleed        

time ceremonies were the foundation of ritual life in cultures with female and earth centered spiritualities. They      

recognized the throughline between menstruation, femininity and nature. And saw the bleeding cycle as a                 

monthly event that connected wombs to the wisdom of the earth and cosmos. For 30,000 years prehistoric peoples 

worshiped goddesses. They practiced peace instead of war. They recognized nature as a mother we must nurture      

in  order to thrive. They treasured the womb and yoni as the portal into this life. They saw menstrual blood as           

 sacred, possessing mana (magical powers) that could heal sickness, fertilize the land, and give one wisdom.               

Painting this sacred blood on their faces, and celebrating a young girl’s first bleed with ceremony–high regard           

towards the feminine and menstruation was normal then. Around 4,000 years ago, a destructive mindset began       

polluting the globe–ridden with ego, patriarchy has forced us to forget the harmonious way of life we once knew.     

Contaminating our relationship to divine femininity and divine masculinity. As we move towards a global culture      that honors both the feminine and masculine natures in us all, let us pay special attention to cleansing the fervent  stigmatization placed on one of the most consistent and intimate parts of feminine reality–our bleed time.                


My artwork is an offering to heal this societal wound: visually, physically, psychologically. Visually through beautifying blood as a tool to transform taboo into respect and admiration. The glimmering nature of the red glaze on clay endows a precious nature to the blood. This visual tool reminds us this blood is special and empowered. Physically through the soothing water pouring from the fountains, imbuing the space and its bodies with serene sounds and sensations. The running water: an offering to associate calmness, slowness, and peacefulness with menstruation. Psychologically through paintings with imagery and language that teaches: like the moon cycles and the seasons, menstruation has four phases. New Moon: bleed time–winter–death. Waxing quarter: follicular–spring–rebirth. Full Moon: ovulation–summer–life. Waning Quarter: luteal–autumn–transmutation … Demonstrating the profound connection bleed time has to foundational cycles of existence. Your period is a ritual: “the word ritual comes from rtü, Sanskrit for menses. Menses, literally month, [in] Latin”.


The Menstruating Goddess figure is a crucial contribution to the art canon. There are no goddesses, old and new, that are widely known to reprepresent menstruation. May this goddess serve a role in shifting associations of weakness, irrationality and repellance to the menstruating image into associations of strength, wisdom and beauty. Using the visual language of art to communicate the message of menstrual reverence is new. Most commonly, the consciousness raising efforts have been accomplished through literature or oral tradition. This series provides the community with an immersive opportunity to contemplate their relationship to menstruation. And will likely spark crucial dialogue between family, friends, partnerships that will help lift bleed time from taboo into a knowledge of its cleansing and revitalizing nature.  


People of all ages, those who have yet to bleed, those who are, those who have stopped, can benefit from respecting their cycle. How we view our cycle reflects how we view ourselves. How we view ourselves reflects how we view the world. Will you choose to see life as a blessing or a curse? We must not forget, 800 million wombs are bleeding at any given moment–connecting to the same consciousness. The intimate and singular bodily experience of our period is simultaneously in tune with millions across gender, race, ethnicity, income, age, perspectives. Menstruation is a unifying force.


(Primarily referencing “Honoring Menstruation”  by Lara Owen & “The Once and Future Goddess”  by Elinor Gadon)  

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